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About Me

I want to thank you for taking the time to check us out!


First and foremost, my name is Alejandra Joyce. I was born and raised in good ol’ Antelope Valley, CA., also known as the “AV.” If you’ve never heard of the AV, it’s about a 30-45 minute drive just north of Los Angeles; when there’s no traffic that is... The Air Force has a base (Edwards Air Force Base) located there in its desert region. That's right, I said “desert,” which is nothing like the beautiful California that you may have seen or heard about. All in All, things are quite peaceful in the small towns of the AV, as there is not much going on. I am a Christ Follower, Wife, Mom to 4 kids, 3 Rabbits and 2 Dogs. I am also a Photographer I absolutely LOVE  taking pictures of anyone and anything. I will go into further details in my Blog.


I am the co-founder of Joyce & Joyce Products, LLC. We have worked on numerous products in our business endeavor, and we absolutely LOVE and ENJOY working with plants. I didn't know I had a green thumb until we moved into our beautiful home in Florida where we started a home garden, in which we have planted numerous vegetables and fruit trees that have begun to bear us some delicious edibles! I then began experimenting with the use of plants as house decorations, which helped me soon realize that plants were one of the best ways to decorate the interior and exterior of your home! They add so much LIFE and COLOR!


I originally began experimenting with the “Pothos” plant, which is a beginner’s plant, as it’s almost impossible to kill!  However, I wanted more diversity and challenges, which is what lead me down the path of growing different plant species. I have since added air plants, succulents and cacti, among other plants, to our home, and here I am today, growing and selling a variety of these beautiful plants!


I have discovered that plants are perfect for any space, in any home, with the perfect additions (planters, glass globes, etc.). Our main goal on this site is to help you fill your living spaces with life and color through the use of the beautiful plants and decor that we have available which will include everything you need to get started. We believe that one of the first steps we can all take toward sustaining our environment is by adding, and encouraging everyone else to add, a little green to our lives! 


Feeling overwhelmed? All you need to do is choose a single plant to start with; start with what’s most appealing to you. If you want help, we are more than happy to assist you with plant selection and provide advice to help you succeed with your plants. We are here for you. Just ask!